Avengers Endgame Review

Dalton Flint, Contributing Writer

The culmination of 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies has finally reached its conclusion in Marvel Studios new release Avengers Endgame and, boy, have they done it.


The movie wraps up the Infinity Saga and leaves behind some iconic characters as well as bringing up some new characters. Avengers Endgame is somewhat of a sequel to Avengers Infinity War which was released last year on April 27th. Infinity War introduced Thanos as the main antagonist of the film and his journey collecting all six Infinity Stones consisting of the Power Stone, Space Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone, Time Stone, and the Mind Stone.

Thanos eventually won because of the events of Captain America: Civil War which tore the Avengers apart in a way that would devastate half of the population of the universe, starting with Earth. In Avengers: Endgame, the story takes place 23 days after the events of Infinity War as everyone tries to find a way to bring everyone back from “The Decimation”.

After Tony Stark comes back from Earth, the Avengers alongside Carol Danvers (A.K.A Captain Marvel) try to find a way to find Thanos. In doing so (very easily..), Thanos gets killed off within the first ten minutes of the film which concerned me as to what’s going to happen next throughout the movie.

The movie brings us to a whopping five years which made me question the time jump and the stories continuation. Well, the directors Joe and Anthony Russo gave us a good explanation as to the time jump and where everyone was during the five-year gap. The movie dives into retrieving the Infinity Stones through different timelines to undo the Decimation and bring everyone that was lost back to life. The cast (especially Robert Downey Jr) gave it their all in the ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and brought everyone (especially me) to shrieks and tears.

Avengers: Endgame is indeed the most emotional Marvel Cinematic Universe movie there is and will excite you from beginning to the end of the line. It’s going to take a lot out of Marvel Studios to produce a more epic, tearful, hyped up Marvel movie then Endgame because the final Avengers movie has lived up to its hype and indeed bring back good memories never wanting to be forgotten.

The movie does take its time with its story and for impatient people and others who just want explosions and action 24/7, it’s going to be some time until you get what you want. To my opinion, I focus more on the story rather than most of the visuals and story wise, Avengers Endgame takes the cake as well as its visuals which in the final act of the movie, is impressive and stunning to view even in an IMAX theater.


Robert Downey Jr was interviewed before the movie was released and stated the final eight minutes of the movie are the greatest last minutes of any Marvel movie period, and his statement was proven true as it brought everything together and gave some characters we grew up loving a happy ending. Some people move on, but not us.

I proudly give Avengers Endgame a 10/10. This may be the last Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of the Infinity Saga, but Spider-Man Far From Home introduces us to the new saga and shows us the life of Peter Parker and how he deals with coming back to life after the Decimation alongside taking a field trip to Europe encountering the new villain Mysterio. Personally, nothing will top Avengers: Endgame as it was to me, the best Marvel movie there is but we still have time to move on from this emotional blockbuster.