Considered one of the greatest anime ever made, Dragon Ball Z still holds its relevance after 30 years.

Donovan Corranco, Contributing Writer

Dragon Ball Z was created by Akira Toriyama back in 1986, and from then on, it soared. It’s compelling storytelling from humble beginnings to future events, takes its audience for a ride. A very long, yet fun ride.

The story focuses on the main protagonist named Goku, or his Saiyan name Kakarot, and it shows the many adventures he and his friends go on. The first season focuses on a young Goku with his tail still on his back. Goku was a curious child and like many children, questioned a lot of stuff, even something that was considered Adult-like for young Goku.

The real adventure starts when the first real antagonist, Raditz, comes to earth. Raditz is Goku’s brother whom he fights later on in the first season. While in the first season still, Goku faces against his rival/friend, Vegeta. The story between both and the transition of both antagonists was almost incredible. Not only that, in the second season, Goku and Vegeta are acquaintances but not exactly friends. They still have competition between each other to see who is the better Saiyan.