The Two Days

Tara Black, Contributing Writer

School is super boring! Yes, I know that Juniors actually had to take the SAT while Sophomores only took the PSAT, but it still sucked for us Sophomores. Both days were incredibly boring, I actually would have rather learned something from one of my classes.

The day we took the PSAT was a mess. After we took the test we went to lunch, which was one of the best parts, except I didn’t go to lunch I stayed in the room where I had to take the test. See, the reason why I stayed was that there were A LOT of Sophomores going down to lunch at that time and I wasn’t having it. I mean who wants to be stuck in a small cafeteria for thirty minutes with a bunch of teens who act like they are five? Not me, of course.

After lunch had ended all the Sophomores returned back to their assigned rooms. When everyone was back we were forced to do this worksheet about resumes and we had to watch these videos that we 10-12 minutes long. No way was I doing that, so I didn’t. I looked up the answers to the sheet. We didn’t even go over the answers, so there was no reason why I had to fill it out, which made me kind of mad. Soon after, we had to make these resumes for ourselves. Sooo, I did what I always do: I did the bare minimum and wrote it out as fast as I could, not caring what I had written on the doc. After that, a friend and I started to watch The Nun on my Chromebook.

The next day we had to go back to our assigned rooms and sit in there, with our printed out resumes, waiting to do the Mock Interviews. At this point, the teachers were telling us how big of a deal this was and how it will benefit us in the future. BLAH BLAH BLAH. When we go to the Gym where it is being held we are told we are only in there for thirty minutes. I mean nothing special happened, the teachers made it seem like it was this huge deal when really it was a waste of my time. When it was done we went back into our classroom, we were supposed to be watching this movie they put on but I wasn’t feeling the movie, so for the rest of the time I finished watching The Nun but this time I was watching it with one of my acquaintances. She’s not my friend, don’t worry though she knows. Then the time came and we went to our normal fifth hours, which we literally did nothing in, it was pointless. As well as going to our sixth hour, which mine is Journalism and there was only four of us including the teacher. The reason for that is because the rest of the class is Seniors and they were gone.  

The two days were very pointless and for some reason, I would of rather actually sat in there and learned than be bored out of my mind like that. One good thing to come out of the two days was the fact that I finally watched The Nun.