Carlo’s Bakery

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Carlo’s Bakery

Camila Maldonado Pena, Contributing Writer

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Crunchy. Smooth. Deliciousness. An irreplaceable experience at a world-famous bakery is not as amazing as everyone thinks. It’s just a normal bakery with a big brand name.

In the 20 years my mom has lived in the United States she has never seen the Mall of America. So we went to the Mall of America. It was something that she had always wanted to experience so we took a small road trip to Minnesota.

Before we left, I found some intriguing places to eat and the one thing I requested was that we went to go eat some cannolis at Carlo’s Bakery.

We were about 20 feet away in the food court looking for Carlo’s Bakery. Since the light was so bright we were able to find the bakery pretty easily.

As soon as we walked into the bakery we noticed it was squicky clean. There was a picture of Carlo that you can take pictures with and a huge display case with lots of pastries.

There signature colors throughout the bakery were red and white. The one thing I wish they would have had were some tables to enjoy the delicious pastries. The reason for this is because we had to walk all the way to the food court to eat peacefully.

There weren’t many people in line so we got to order what we wanted pretty quickly. My dad asked for the person’s opinion on what her favorite cake was in the display and she chooses a chocolate cheesecake which my dad really enjoyed.

Their hospitality was great and so was their service.  Since the bakery is so well known for their cannoli’s, I just had to try one for myself. We ended up buying a cake, two cannolis, and a chocolate cheesecake. Taking a bite into the cannoli was like taking a bit of heaven. After a while, the cream inside of the cannoli became too sweet. I finished it, but toward the end, I just felt like it had become too sweet. I struggled to finish but I took a small bite each time till I was able to finish the creamy cannoli.  I would rate this bake shop an 8 out of 10. I felt like the hype of the shop was more than the actual experience. They have good deserts as well as service but its like any other bakery beside the fact that Carlo’s Bakery is world renowned.