Tennis: The sport that no one knows how to play. : )

Tara Black, Contributing Writer


Yes, Wyoming has a girls tennis team. At first, even I didn’t know Wyoming had a Tennis team, because who wants to play that?

Well, my opinion changed last year when I tried out for the team as a joke. It may have started out as a joke, but I ended up loving the sport. To the outside eye, it seems pretty boring, you watch two or four girls hit a ball back and forth. That isn’t the whole thing; it is hard work, even though sometimes it may not seem that way. Honestly, you have to play to know what the game is really about. Once you learn how to play this game it sticks with you. Actually getting to play is awesome you get a rush when you are at the net because the ball is flying at your head and if you get lucky you might actually hit someone.

Tennis is really boring to watch if you don’t know what’s really going on and how hard those girls are working to keep the ball in and trying to win a point. Yes, I know how boring it can be to watch. Even my parents don’t like to sit and watch, because they don’t understand why I play, or how you play the game.

Let me tell you this tennis is harder than it seems. You have to angle both your backhand and forehand hits just perfectly, or they go up in the air. Not only that but keeping the ball in and playing it back after someone hits it is hard because you never know what’s going to happen. A lot of the time you hit the ball wrong and it goes out of the lines of your game.

So, maybe Tennis isn’t for everyone, but it is an amazing sport to play even if you do it just for one year.