A New, Hit All American Streaming Show

Lauren Mosby, Contributing Writer

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Have you heard of the new streaming Netflix show “All American” yet?! With its mysterious suspicions and diverse background, you can definitely expect the unexpected. The show is based on true events and the main part is played by Spencer James in honor of a former NFL player, Spencer Paysinger. In an interview he did recently, he reveals that he is really British and his accent proves it! Viewers were amazed by the way he could change his voice to sound American for the show which is mixed with suspense, emotional areas, sports, and realistic events.


Even though only the first season has been released so far, it has its watchers on edge and ready for the second already! Aside from Spencer James, we are introduced to the characters Oliva Baker who plays the role of the head coach’s daughter, Leila Faisal who turns out to be Spencer’s girlfriend, Asher Adams who is first Spencer’s rival but ends up being a brother to him on the football field , Jordan Baker who is captain of the Beverly Hills Eagles and also the son of Billy Baker , Tamia Cooper which is Spencer’s best friend, and Billy Baker who is played by Taye Diggs, along with a few others.


So far in this first season of the show, Spencer attends Crenshaw high school where he grew up around a lot of crime and gang related activities while trying to pursue his career in football and find his way out. He battles with the absence of his father and takes his anger out on the football field. He also faces some challenges in school with fighting and his first girlfriend breaking up with him because she feels he chooses football over her and did not have his head on right. He is later recruited by the head coach of Beverly Hills High School which also happens to be Billy Baker.