A Great Kick-off for the Season


An overall picture with a close up of the scorekeeper and in the background the varsity game taking place.

Julyssa Barajas - Gutierrez, Contributing Writer

Imagine one day helping out at a basketball game. It’s been a fun night, and sadly the last one of the year, or at least that’s what you think, right? Then days later you get news! Volunteering for sports season isn’t done just yet. Your organization gets to not only help out at the girl’s soccer games, but they get to run it?

Well if you believe this is just a made up story, it actually did happen! Key Club is a club known here at school for doing volunteer opportunities such as the Humane Society, and help run the blood drives, but Key Club is also a club here at Wyoming High School, that helps out at our home sporting events, and now helping to run the girl’s soccer home games!

The first game of the season was tough, and I’m not talking about the game, I’m talking about the weather. The cold, windy, and rainy weather made it a very interesting night for the girl’s team, but also for the Key Club volunteers.

The night began cold and windy. The sky looked ominous, yet the game was still on, and the volunteers were not going anywhere. Once the game was set for the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team, the three Key Club volunteers were set off to be ball shaggers, for the game. A shagger is a person who throws in game balls when the balls go out and run to chase the ball that was kicked out, typically these people have to be motivated to work efficiently and quickly. Tyler Greenrose, Tommy Nguyen, and Henry Nguyen began the night to their Wednesday outside in the cold running around making sure the girl’s had the soccer ball to play as soon as possible. Up in the pressbox Brandon Walker was set as an announcer and Julyssa Barajas as scorekeeper, making sure to keep an eye on the game. The night went on, and although it was a rough start for our Junior Varsity Team, the girl’s played hard.

As time was ticking on to the start of the next game with our Varsity Girls Soccer team, the volunteers were warming up, while the girls who had track came in a rush to make it on time to their soccer game, talk about dedication!

The volunteers rushed down to continue their roles as shaggers! The announcer wrote down a script to read introducing the teams, coaches, officials, and the National Anthem! The scorekeeper got ready, resetting the time and resetting the scores for a very interesting game!

Just like that, the game began! Our girls played hard, despite the wind, and despite the weather, they played. As for the Key Club helpers? They kept running not letting the weather get to them, and the best part? They never even complained for a second! They took a bad weather day, helping outside, and even when the rain started pouring down, the volunteers had a blast helping out!

Even though the girls did not have a win, they played hard, and they did their absolute best, even when the rain came down hard, followed with a downfall of hail, and topped with snow the girl’s played hard! Thanks to the great coach Romer Carrasco!

The volunteers had a blast, they did their job to the best of their ability, and despite the weird, and somehow very cold weather they pushed through and made it as fun as they could, without a single vibe of negativity!