Senior Year Is Coming To An End

Ysabel Lopez, Contributing Writer

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Senior year is the highlight of your high school experience. They weren’t lying when they senior year really does fly by. It was filled with so many fun activities and milestones. As you get closer to graduation you become stressed because you need to start preparing for college. No senior is truly ready to go to college.
Most people believe that the most logical step after high school is to attend college. For many seniors, attending college in the fall is something they aren’t really ready for.
̈ In the beginning year I was so set on attending college to become a dentist but as graduation got closer I started to question myself,̈ says Patricia Osorio.
Just because you’ve applied, been accepted, and scheduled your classes doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for college. According to experts, only about a third of high school seniors are ready for college.
̈Wow, there’s only one month left before graduation, ̈ says Johanna Osorio, ¨it still hasn’t hit me that I am a senior.̈ Many students don’t know what they want to do after high school. They can either work full time or go to college. In this case, Osorio will attend Grand Valley State University this fall. Everyday day of her future becomes more real. The idea of life after high school and in college becomes more of hard reality for her because she doesn’t know if she’s ready or not.
Most people assume that getting a good ACT/SAT score means that they are ready for college but that’s only one factor. They need to know how to make good choices and knowing how to ask for help. They need to be responsible and independent.
“College is definitely different high schools. You get more freedom but let that freedom get to your head. You have more responsibilities,” says Raul Leon, a college student at GRCC.
We are basically on our own once we start college. We don’t have our parents on our back about school. College is when we start making decisions on our own. ̈ ̈Not everyone is prepared for college. We are going to struggle at first, but as time passes we will get the hang of it. In my eyes college is just advanced high school ̈ says Magali Lopez.