Shazam Review


Dalton Flint, Contributing Writer

With a new DC movie arriving into theaters, I recognized the superhero that can become a literal GOD by saying the name Shazam and by viewing trailers of this movie, it just had to be seen by yours truly.


DC is usually known as a superhero universe with superheroes with dark pasts and dark stories not to be taken light-hearted. Shazam is one of DC’s few movies that isn’t taken too seriously and focuses on comedy rather than a serious tone that various DC movies are blended in with.


Asher Angel portrays the teenage orphan Billy Batson who is “chosen as champion” by a wizard whose powers are weld from a staff. After Billy saves his foster brother (Jack Dylan Grazer) from a couple of high school bullies, Billy runs to a bus station and is chosen as champion because he is pure of heart, according to the wizard. In order for Billy to acquire the powers from the wizard, he has to hold his staff which holds the powers and say his name (Shazam). Now as that does spark some red flags and scream stranger danger, Billy does so and says Shazam, accessing the powers of Solomom, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury (SHAZAM).

Soon then, Zachary Levi portrays the god-like superhero Shazam. From there the humor and entertainment is very enjoyable and has very few flaws. The villain of the movie Dr. Sivana portrayed by Mark Strong,  whose backstory is included in the beginning of the movie. He was previously chosen by the wizard but denied the powers of Shazam as young Sivana chose the Eye of Sin tempted by the Seven Deadly Sins themselves.

Throughout the movie, Sivana works his way through the city to find the one who has the power of Shazam. The character development of Sivana is quite impressive and his dialogue was pretty great as a villain. Batson rushes over to the aid of Freddy to help him with his new superpowers. The movie does a great job progressing through Billy’s journey of acquiring his new bestowed powers and shows great evolution of maturity and heroism.

In the end of the movie, you can feel good knowing that the DC Extended Universe is heading back on track and the streak of boring and terrible DC movies are coming to an end. In all honesty. Shazam is to my opinion, the best DC Extended Universe movie so far. With more DC movies approaching, I have high hopes for DC and their movies. And as for Shazam, I proudly give the movie a 9/10.