Cell Phone Addiction

Shaniya Jones, Contributing Writer

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I write this to you from the horrors of Saturday school. No phones are allowed, and I’m going crazy.

It’s pretty scary to realize I can’t go long without my phone. To think about the next four phoneless hours causes me to break out in a sweat. You can say you’re not addicted to your phone, but that’s what we all say. Until we are forced to go without it.

“Whenever I’m not on it I feel as though I missed something important.” Says student.

At this point, it’s not just a teenager and their cellphone, it’s America and technology. In this technology crazed world, almost everything is done for us. The computers in our cars tell us where to go, laptops provide easy information access, and cellphone provide even easier information access. Among the evolution of technology came social media. People are obsessed with living their lives through social media, an unspoken competition to see who has it the best. In reality, we all go through trials and tribulations, we all have some days better than others, but because of sites like facebook, it doesn’t seem like it. Thanks, Mark.

As technology grows, human interaction decreases. Why go in person when you can go online? It makes things easy, but sometimes too easy. In the 1990s, the first smartphone came out. Almost 40 years later smartphones have developed tremendously and everyone has one. Even my grandparents.

I can’t imagine the technology we’ll have decades from now. It’s almost kind of scary to think about.

“Technology is great and bad, great because it’s always good to create something new and expand it. It’s bad because it has become a huge distraction which affects us each day,” says Ramatu Kanneh.

Millennials have it the hardest. Technology has been evolving since we were young, which takes away from our ability to interact and live in reality.  Cellphones in school have always been a problem but its increasing as the years go on. Kids can’t focus on the task at hand without sneaking a looking at their notifications or listening to music. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal the behavior becomes excessive. Attention spans are getting shorter, schoolwork is getting less attention and cellphones remain the most important thing for the majority of the students.

Wyoming High School has a policy against cellphones in class, but the rules remained ignored as students continue to abuse the use of cellphones. Looking around the room in one of my classes I noticed at least 5 kids blatantly on their phones as my teacher spoke. Some teachers are fed up and have implemented their own rules against cellphones in their class.

While social media is cool, education is cooler. We must (myself included) learn to put away our cellphones at certain times and focus on what’s important. Or the future is in trouble.