A Life Surrounded by Music

Zariana Salas

Growing up in a household full of Mexican heritage, I have always heard music around me. Music has impacted my life in more than one way. It helps me through hard times and has given me a more positive outlook on life.


Music has followed me throughout my life. As a child, I could always remember my grandmother or my mother blasting music on our speakers in the living room. This was at any time of the day. Cleaning, cooking, hanging out, or simply just for fun, there was always a tune floating through the house that brought my family joy. I was introduced to lots of different genres, all because each family member of mine had a different preference. My Tio Milo loved rock. Some specific songs I remember jamming out to with him are Stricken by Disturbed and One by Metallica. To this day I have those songs on my playlist and have grown a love for rock in my heart. On the completely other side, my grandfather loved older songs. He would turn a music channel called “easy listening” on our television that would play soft, peaceful music. I remember the main times he would turn it on was to go to sleep or when he was reading the newspaper. My Tia Nina and my Uncle Chris (her then boyfriend) were all about country. My grandmother loved her Mexican music. I have so many memories of dancing with her while Selena was playing or hearing the voice of Elvis Crespo singing Suavemente throughout the living room. Finally, my mother loves Rap and R&B music. Bone Thugs n Harmony, Tupac, Biggie, you name it. It was playing everywhere she would be.


Since I had a very huge love for music, I decided to join choir in 7th grade. I now am in Honors Choir, making it 6 years. I can not go a day without listening to music. I believe that my passion for music comes from how early I was introduced to it and the variety. Being surrounded by it every day of my life has helped me gain a positive viewpoint for each different genre and has helped me obtain a huge appreciation for it.