Leslie Delgado’s Bops

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Leslie Delgado’s Bops

Evelia Juarez Diaz, Contributing Writing

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Leslie Delgado’s music playlist contains all sorts of genres so she doesn’t have a favorite one. Her favorite artist would have to be Sabrina Claudio. “Her music makes you feel some type of way somewhat poetic,” she says
These are a couple of songs that are on Leslie’s playlist at the moment.
¨Bad guy – Billie Eilish¨
¨8 – Billie Eilish¨
¨Casual – Dojo Cat¨
¨Fingias – Paloma Mami¨
¨Needy – Ariana Grande¨
¨NASA – Ariana Grande¨
¨Handmade Heaven – MARINA¨
A song she recommends to people would be Naked – Sabrina Claudio
She only chose a couple of songs that are currently her bops.