Waking Up To Toys On Easter? Others Have Never Experienced This.

Courtnee Raybon, Contributing Writer

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Easter hits around the same time every year, and with it comes debate on whether or not kids should be given something on this holiday. Although this debate is very heavy, a lot of the world remains on one side of it.


The heaviest side of the debate generally agrees with giving toys on Easter. Most parents believe that giving gifts on Easter is completely normal because they experienced it themselves when they were children. According to Bri’anna Hoffman’s dad, “Easter is all about the smile on his kids’ faces when they wake up and see what they have received.” He went on to say, “I don’t buy them gifts because I want them to get what they want,” “Personally I just enjoy getting to see the brightness in their smiles when they wake up and instantly become happy.”


Parents that are okay with giving gifts for Easter are very common. Most of the people in this generation wake up to a gift on Easter.


On the other hand of the debate, parents believe that Easter is not about receiving gifts but for the traditions. They enjoy the actual time spent with family gathering together around a table and eating together. For most of the people who believe this, holidays are some of the only times that the family is entirely brought together to share their special traditions.


Others celebrate Easter as none other than the most important day in Christianity. The day that is remembered for Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead three days after he was executed on the cross.


Although there are many takes on the issue, everyone believes different things. Easter will continue to be a debate that families in the upcoming generations will differ on.