Rita’s Experience

Yadira Zamora, Contributing Writer

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If you go to the Biggbys on 44th it’s more than likely you will find Rita working

“This is my first job,” she explains. All job interviews are very intimidating and cause lots of stress and anxiety. It’s always good to look your best “ I wore a black long sleeve shirt and jeans, very casual.”

She first learned they were hiring from their website. When it comes to interviews I can tell that Rita was able to tackle the obstacle “ I was anxious and excited,” she said. “The interview process was pretty easy. They asked a couple of questions about guest service and what makes a drink great.”

A couple of hours after her interview Rita had received a text saying that she was hired in! “ I get paid 9.50 an hour plus tips,” she says.

Everybody’s first job is always nerve wracking, even if it’s for school or going to a new location all by yourself. No matter how much experience you have or how confident you are, there is no way to shake the feeling off so easily. “It was hard at first having to memorize all the different types of drinks and what went into them,” she says.

Rita enjoys working at Biggby’s “it’s really quite sometimes and the people are nice,” says Rita. Sometimes she would mess up their drinks “They were nice about it and asked for a new one,” she says.
Some benefits of working a Biggbys are getting free drinks on the job and half off discounts. Rita’s favorite drink is the Mint Mocha Latte Iced. “I don’t like that Biggby’s has a rule that you can’t show up 5 minutes late,” she says. I can relate to this sometimes traffic gets bad or things come up all of a sudden making a change in plans and all we can do is work through it.