Leslie Delgado

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Leslie Delgado

Evelia Juarez Diaz, Contributing Writer

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Leslie Delgado’s favorite food is pasta. One of her favorite thing she likes to do is sleep and watch Netflix.
She’s currently on the tennis team. This is gonna be her second year doing tennis. “This season is gonna be great,” she said.
She enjoys listening to Sabrina Claudio and that’s one of her favorite artists.
Leslie is a very dramatic person, but that’s what makes her Leslie. She gets scared pretty easily. A couple of facts about her are that she hates tomatoes, hotdogs, mustard, and winter.

A couple of things she enjoys doing is going out, doing her makeup, eating, and singing. Leslie is that she’s actually really good at makeup (just my opinion.) She’s very talented. I’d say Leslie sounds like an angel when she sings.

Leslie enjoys watching Jane The Virgin and Riverdale.

A goal that she has for the remaining of the year is having good grades.
“I wanna graduate with good grades and find a college I wanna go to,” she says.
“Having my own house and having to owe nothing for it also having a degree is my goal in life,” Leslie says