NAV Review

The cover of Bad Habits, NAV’s most recent album

The cover of Bad Habits, NAV’s most recent album

Devin Jones, Contributing Writer

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Canadian rapper NAV dropped his third album “Bad Habits” earlier this month, and boy oh boy was it boring. I struggled to make it all the way through listening to this album without falling asleep. What makes “Bad Habits” so boring is the complete and utter lack of substance and musical ability, along with the same droning delivery being present throughout the whole project.
There is an absolutely astonishing lack of lyrical content on this album. NAV never says anything important or deep here. He never says anything weird or funny. He doesn’t say anything shocking, scary, or wild. He’s just… talking. Sometimes about his watch, other times about a girl he found, his money, or his clothes. The only point he really deviates from those is the song “Why You Crying Mama”, where he takes a brief pause from talking about how much money he has to apologize to his mom for putting himself in danger. When did he put himself in danger, you might ask? While trying to make money. He then ensures her that she’ll be financially compensated for any stress he caused her while doing so.
What makes NAV’s absolute lack of lyrical content even worse is his delivery. NAV is easily the most one-note rapper out right now, which is to say that he always sounds exactly the same. NAV genuinely almost never deviates from the same sleepy, auto-tuned delivery that he’s been using since early 2015. At literally no point on this 48-minute album does he turn the auto-tune off, switch his cadence up, or exert any real effort into his delivery, which only adds to the sleepy vibe of the whole thing.
The features on this album are, all things considered, pretty sub-par as well, which is especially disappointing because of how notable some of the names on his feature list are. Meek Mill, The Weekend, and Young Thug (amongst a couple of other artists) appear here, and none of them manage to leave their mark at all. The only one who really comes close is The Weekend, who hits this note on the chorus of “Price On My Head” that does an okay job at grabbing your attention.
Actually, Young Thug slid in a line into his verse about wanting to sleep with his Aunt, which is honestly one of the weirdest, least necessary bars I think I’ve ever heard.
On the track “I’m Ready”, NAV proposes the question “What’s the game without me”. I believe the answer to that question is quite simple: exactly the same.