New Parking Lot

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New Parking Lot

Maddie Masunas and Sidney Gelock, Contributing Writers

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Construction for the new school has begun! The back parking lot and the practice field have already started to get tore up.
The major change that affects students is the back parking lot getting ripped up. The whole back parking lot is now a construction site and it’s off limits.
Students, staff, and buses now share the front parking lot and it can get a little hectic. This new parking lot situation started on Monday the 25th and will continue until the end of the year.
This map is showing where everyone is supposed to park and drop off/pick up.
Parents have been picking up students across the street or after the buses leave.
“It’s really confusing, and they should have waited until school is out,” says Taylor Boukma who drives to school.
Nayeli said, “It’s very unorganized. It’s hard to fit all the cars in the parking spaces,” who gets driven to school.
Mr. Cornell
Even though it is kind of hectic, everyone will have to get used to the new parking lot.