Five Feet Apart Review

Sidney Gelock and Maddie Masunas, Contributing Writers

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Five Feet Apart was a really good movie. It was sad, devastating, and had a roller coaster of emotions.
The movie is about a girl named Stella who has an inherited disorder called cystic fibrosis. This disorder affects the lungs as mucus blocks the airways causing it to be difficult to breathe.
Another thing about CF is there is a danger of cross infection with other people who have CF, so two people with CF can’t touch and have to stay around six feet apart from each other.
Stella meets Will, a boy in her hospital floor who also has CF. It takes time for them to warm up to each other but eventually they become really close and talk every single day.
The movie takes a sad turn when the two decide to go on a walk together to “see the lights,” but we won’t give much details because watching the movie is better than reading about it.
The director made really good decisions for this movie. The movie was in the same setting, the hospital, almost the whole time. This made it really feel like everyone watching was a part of Stella’s daily life as she was confined to this little hospital and her hospital room.
Another good decision was having Will as more of a risk taker character while Stella is a rule follower. At the end of the movie, it can be seen that Wills attitude rubbed off on Stella because she wanted to go outside and see the lights and live her life which is usually something Will would want to do.
Some of our favorite parts were towards the end. These parts might not make sense if you haven’t seen the movie and they also have some spoilers in them.
Our first favorite part was at the end when Will gave Stella the notebook of his drawings. One of the drawings was of him holding up his “master list,” and the number one things on it was to “Love Stella forever.” We thought this was really cute and sad too.
Another part of the movie that we thought was really good was at the end also when Will did the lights for her. It was really cute how he was able to get everyone to help him to set the lights up outside of her hospital bed.
Overall this movie was really well done. It had funny moments, sad moments, and parts that kept us on the edge of our seats. We would rate it a 5 / 5 stars.