Us Might Leave You Shocked and Impressed

Dalton Flint, Contributing Writer

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Jordan Peele’s new movie Us was theatrically released in theaters on March 22nd. And because I thankfully had the day off from work, I took my cousin and father to see the new horror movie. After seeing the movie I was shocked, impressed, and about the drop many f-bombs (it ain’t the first time and I’m sure as heck it won’t be the last. Us was about a family that encounters evil duplicates of themselves that only have one goal. To kill their copy. The movie gives good character development to each character in the movie and blends in some comedy throughout the movie. Winston Duke did a stellar job as he was placed in for comedy. The movie had great symbolization and the horror even got a lot of people in the theater jumping. The movie was good to the point where I was breathing in and out wondering what was going to happen next because it was that good of a movie where you can expect the unexpected. There weren’t any jumpscares, not too much blood, and no cheesy lines to finish off the enemy. Those kind of horror movies are cheesy and honestly a waste of time. It (2017) had a lot of blood but it kept its distance. Us on the other hand knew when to add certain plot points to the movie and when to have a side character bleed out and die. This is a spolier free review so you don’t know who dies because I’m not the kind of person that would tell someone Spider-Man died at the end of Infinity War and if you haven’t seen it by now, you’re just slow. Anyways, Us takes horror and thrills to a whole other level and it was enjoyable beyond compare. This is Peele’s second movie he has made and directed as his first was Get Out which got a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. Us got a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes but honestly should recieve a higher score. In conclusion, all the actors and actresses did a stellar job whether it was to provide comedy or thrill. Us to my opinion is one of the best movies of the year so far and is going to be included in my Top 5 movies of 2019. I proudly give Us an 11/10.