Pennies for Pasta

Julyssa Barajas- Gutierrez, Contributing Writer

“Yo, yo, it’s your boy Ty,” introduction for the Pennies for Pasta going in this week! It’s huge. It magnificent, it’s going to be the biggest of the biggest Pennies for Pasta, Key Club has held in such a long time.
This year with the big and incredible help of Mr. Zystra, Wyoming High School will have its first volleyball game of Staff v.s. Students. It will be held during the school day, an assembly in which it will be intense, and it will be great. Either that or you just get a shortened day of classes.
It will be intense, and it will be great. WIth Staff against Juniors.
“The juniors look like they are going to be tough to beat, but the teachers look awesome by nature,” said Mr. Lorenz.
With seniors against sophomores.
“There’s a lot of good volleyball players on the senior team,” Aliyah.
This will be intense and the winners from the two games will go on to play head to head for the final.
Best of all, Key Club is organizing a raffle for the game. You can have a chance to pie one of the four following; Mr. Kordig, Mr. Zylstra, Mr. Lorenz, or Mr. Rohban. During all the lunches A, B, and C raffle tickets will be sold for only one dollar, or a great sale of six tickets for five dollars! All Wyoming High School needs to do is raise, raise, and raise money! The chance to pie one of the following volunteers is to raise money! By the looks of it, however, Mr. Rusticus is in the lead, by quite a large amount. The winning class will get an Olive Garden lunch- and free unlimited breadsticks sound pretty amazing! With some nice soup and salad? Just by raising a few pennies every day you can have a chance to not only win this amazing lunch but also help out our community and those who need help.
An intense volleyball game, a chance at a free tasty lunch, and a chance to pie our school principal? That is what will be occurring this week Thursday!
Playing against students, playing against teachers, in a fun great game.
If you see Mr. Zylstra in the hall thank him for helping organize this fun and amazing opportunity! Hope to see you all the volleyball game!