Put your Trust in a Stanger.

Tara Black, Contributing Writer

Should I trust you?
I decided to do an experiment on some kids at the high school. It was about if random people in the hallway would actually trust me. The experiment its self was an empty bag of Skittles and I put water inside of it and asked people if they wanted some and I then would pour the water in their hands, and I would see what their reactions would turn out to be like.
Now the reason why I did this was not all for laughs but because I wanted to see if people would take something from a total stranger. Not only that but what the people’s reaction would be like when they realize that it wasn’t really Skittles.
I feel like we accept things from strangers all the time without thinking of the consequences. There are also other people who didn’t accept the Skittles, which I feel was the best decision. The reason why I feel like it was the best idea to not accept them from me, I feel like this because some of the people who didn’t accept probably didn’t trust me.
We all have trust issues when it comes to random people we don’t know. Nowadays people are very trusting, it’s weird. In my own opinion, I feel like if I did the same experiment to people I don’t know and go to a whole different school the same thing would happen just as it did in the hallways of Wyoming high school. For some reason, we are very trusting towards people we don’t know for no reason, which is why most people now have trust issues.