Where Hands Touch

Yadira Zamora, Contributing Writer

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“There are days when you wonder what your role is in this country and what your future is in it.”
September 14, 2018, the two-hour long movie called Where Hands Touch directed by Amma Asante was released. Some of the cast members that starred in the movie were Amandla Stenberg, George Mackay, and Abbie Cornish.
Amandla stars as a biracial girl who falls in love with a Nazi officers son ( George Mackat). Lenya is the name of the girl and Lutz is the name of the Nazi officers son. The more the history of what occurred turns dark so, does the film.
The movie shows the front of the scenes and the behind scenes of what occurred when the Nazi’s were taking over. Lenya is German and African. Her mother is German. Her father died before she was born. Even though she was part German they believed that mixing the race was a terrible thing to do and you were betraying your country. Lenya saw the front from when she was with her mother. When the house would be raided in the middle of the night and Lenya experienced the behind scene when they took her to the labor camp she was told: “ Your name is German but, your face is so unGerman”.
Normally, I tend not to watch movies because they end so quickly or sometimes I know that it’s fake. I like movies when I can’t tell it’s being acted out. When I watched this move it was to heart-aching. It kept me wondering what was going to happen next. There were many events that had my mouth dropping. Like seeing people you knew being shot down like a dog or your own family bringing you down.
Since the movie came out, I don’t think enough attention has been given because other more popular movies that were sequels or that were given more attention to being sponsored got in the way of Where Hands Touch movie. This is a movie that anyone can watch. It helps us and reminds us of what happened during that time when Jews and others were being enslaved.
It gives us the harsh reality of what happened. That it’s something that shouldn’t happen again. That only bringing hate won’t separate people but, bring them together. As a united front.