Bama to OU is the best move for Jalen Hurts

Carson Jennings, Contributing Writer

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Jalen Hurts is transferring from Alabama to Oklahoma to play quarterback in Linkin Riley’s awesome offense.

Jalen Hurts grew up in Texas. He went to Channelview High School. Out of high school, Jalen was recruited heavily By Nick Saban and other Alabama coaches. Jalen Hurts started right away at Alabama as a true freshman in 2016. That year Alabama went an outstanding 14-1, sadly losing only one game, which happened to be in the national championship to the Clemson Tigers.

In the 2017 season, Jalen had another outstanding year again. Jalen only lost one game, and that was to there rival the Auburn Tigers. Jalen once again leads Bama to the national championship game, and things didn’t go as expected for Jalen. Jalen didn’t have a very good first half against the Georgia Bulldawgs. So at halftime, they took Jalen out and out in freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. This was a good move for Alabama because Tua ended up letting Alabama to victory over Georgia. After being benched, Jalen continued to be an amazing teammate by supporting his teammates and Tua! He never lost his great attitude and leadership.

Jalen decided to stay at Alabama for his Junior season. Jalen didn’t start over Tua, but he continued to be an amazing teammate and shined when he had the opportunity. In the SEC championship game against Georgia. Tua wasn’t playing too well and ended up getting hurt. So Jalen came into the game and threw a touchdown pass to tie the game. Later he rushed for a touchdown to win the game! Alabama ended up making to the national championship again, but they lost to Clemson.

After the season everyone figured Jalen would transfer someplace, but he stunned the nation by announcing his transfer to Oklahoma. Linkin Riley has an outstanding offense for the Sooners. The years before Jalen came to Oklahoma they had two Heisman winning quarterback back to back. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murry. This offense will be perfect for Jalen! Mr. Vangorp had some pretty good things to say about Jalen, “Linkin Riley’s offense helps QB’s to succeed,” he said. “According to Linkin Riley, Jalen is really jellying with the team and is a real leader.”