Disney’s Brand New Lion King Coming Soon

Xavier Bailey, Contributing Writer

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Disney is releasing a newer version of one of its most famous movies, The Lion King. Disney did the original many years ago that was very popular, so they are going to make a new one. So far on the internet, I have been seeing stuff about how everyone is wanting to see it. So the name already had hype to it and summer isn’t in yet.
The Lion King is a very interesting story. There is a protagonist named Simba. He’s a lion who takes the king of Pride Land, which he now owns because his father passed away a few years ago before this now happened. He had to defeat his evil uncle he had that was nothing but all about bad news.
The cast behind this all are actually people that are good at acting. Really famous people like Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, and Beyonce. People should enjoy this movie. It was a lot of time and effort. Latest Lion King was 25 years ago, and that’s why everyone wants to see it.