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Which Side Will You Choose?

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Which Side Will You Choose?

Yadira Zamora, Contributing Writer

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Netflix subscriptions prices are going up, and Hulu’s plans are getting more affordable. There are many options that are needed to consider which plan you going with. A big factor includes price change. Other factors could include what movies or tv shows are included. Which has more entertainment being uploaded?


Netflix’s monthly subscriptions plan is 8.99 for basic, 12.99 for standard and 15.99 for premium. The only difference from the different plans is how many people get to be on the account at once watching. Often times it is frustrating when I am watching something and my mom is as well. Then once my dad tries to watch a movie it will pop up saying there are too many people viewing and it will include what device is being used and what they are watching. More than half of the time I had to leave so my dad could watch something. It has been mentioned that Netflix is raising its prices to


 Hulu’s monthly subscription price is 7.99 with limited ads and ad-free is 11.99. Hulu’s ads are also somewhat annoying but, up to 3 people can watch which is higher than Netflix. I only pay 1.00 a month till December because when it was black Friday Hulu had a deal where you pay 12.00 for a whole year. Basically taking a dollar out each month. At the time it wasn’t a bad deal and I would do it again. At times the ads can range from 15 seconds to 80 seconds. The positive is that it’s only for television shows. Yet, sometimes they ad’s are only shown 2 times during the whole show or not shown at all and it gets skipped through. Netflix has better movies compared to Hulu but, Hulu has better tv shows.


I went around and did a quick survey asking those if they have Netflix or Hulu. A majority of those I interviewed have Hulu. “I have Hulu because of the cheap prices and wide variety”. “I would rather


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Which Side Will You Choose?