What Makes Funny, Funny?

Nicole Torres, Contributing Writer

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Snow is here after thinking we weren’t going to get any snow. For many this is something they wanted, but for others not so much. Many of us during this time are slipping and sliding. If you look at the overall picture it’s kind of funny. Don’t you ever fall and stand up quick and look around to see if any one has seen. For many Wyoming High School students this was the case. We all remember that morning where everything looked ok until your foot touched that floor and you felt like you were ice skating and didn’t want anyone grabbing on to you.
We did some interviews and in deed they wanted to tell us their story!!! Our first story is from a Wyoming High School student , Yudeli Vasquez- Mazariego
“I think this winter storm is crazy, I dislike it just because I’m crippled and they still make me go to school. I think it’s a tad bit wonderful because of snow days but the ice day for me oh my, I almost busted myself. Myself along with my cousins felt like we couldn’t get to school because when we got off at the school parking and tried to walk to the door we felt like we were just sliding back down. Yes I’ve fallen and it was on that day that it was bad outside and they still made us go to school I busted my knee, no biggie just a scar. No, I don’t like the snow it needs to go thank you next!”
Our second story is from a Wyoming High School parent, Nancy Sanchez
“On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, I was on my way to pick up a friend from her home. When I was almost at her home, my car started skating since the road was frozen and very slippery. My car slid and landed on the sidewalk. I opened the car door to check on the best way to proceed and recover my vehicle back on the road and that is when I fell.
I was afraid when I fell. As I was alone and despite my many efforts to get my balance when I was unable to and fell again due to the street being so slippery. I remember feeling angry because at those temperatures and the streets had not been salted. I called a friend in which I was on the way to pick up to please come to help me. Unfortunately, I was unable to get to her because of the sidewalk and road being so icy and slippery. In a matter of minutes, other cars were also trying to go up that same road and started skating as well. Just like me they also were unable to reach their destination due to the roads condition. As time went on a lady came to help all of the cars that were skating and giving us directions on how to get out of the road. She then proceeded to take a different route to my destination. The funny thing about this is that the lady who helped me get out of that situation almost fell also.”

In conclusion, everyone has had something happen to them this year so far. Every fall is something to look back and be like wow how did I even fall there was not a lot of ice. Also, don’t forget to look around to see if anyone has seen you fallen and laugh with them.