Winter “Slip – Ups”

Lauren Mosby, Contributing Writer

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What winter slip-ups have you had? Or should I say “felt”? This has been the longest coldest winter Michigan has had in a long time. This time around, they named it the “polar vortex”. In some areas where trains are, it was so cold that the tracks froze so they had to set the tracks on fire in order to keep the trains moving!
On a more humorous note, not many places had salt laid down to melt the ice so a lot of people slipped and fell on it. On their way to work, school, going in and out of their home, etc. Some fell and were injured and some fell and just laid there.
People usually love the winter because they get to see the snow and the holidays are around, but what they don’t expect is a winter that comes with the fear of falling every time they step outside. This winter came with a lot of surprises as we can see!
As a friend of mine got out of his car, he slipped and fell, but as he was slipping, it looked as if he was doing some type of dance while trying not to fall! We could do nothing but laugh after he hit the ground.