A Special Gift For That Special Someone

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A Special Gift For That Special Someone

Rita Nava-Orozco, Contributing Writer

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, you want to make your significant other feel loved and appreciated. Sure, chocolates and roses are nice gifts, but those same ideas are slowly getting dull. If you want to come up with a meaningful and unique gift for that special someone, give them this playlist specially made for them.

Love (Kendrick Lamar) “ Feeling lovely, living lovely. Just love me.”
My Favorite Part (Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande) “Said, you just don’t know how beautiful you are
And baby that’s my favorite part.”
XO (Beyonce) “You love is bright as ever, even in the shadows.”
Love on the Brain (Rihanna) “Don’t you stop loving me (loving me). Don’t quit loving me (loving me). Just start loving me (loving me).”
There you are (ZAYN) “When I’m sick, friends that I rely on don’t come through. They run like the river but not you.”
Stay With Me (Sam Smith) “I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?”
Yellow (Coldplay) “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.”
Thinking out loud (Ed Sheeran) “We found love right where we are.”
Therapy (Khalid) “Something that you’re doing has me falling all the way, I’m tripping off your love”
Valentine (5 Seconds of Summer) “We know, we’re classic together like Egyptian gold. We love us.”
Shape of you (Ed Sheeran) “I’m in love with the shape of you.”
Disconnected (5 Seconds of Summer) “You are my getaway, you are my favorite place.”
EASE (Troye Sivan ft. Broods) “Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease.”
You Got the Love (Florence+The Machine) “You’ve got the love I need.”
Us (James Bay) “Tell me how could I believe in something. I believe in us.”
Perfect (Ed Sheeran) “I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.”
Night Changes (One Direction) “That’ll never change, me and you.”
You and I (One Direction) “Nothing can come between you and I.”

If you happen to be single (like me) in this gross time of the year, know that you too deserve a playlist. My favorite playlist is different from yours though. We have different song interests, different songs that uplift us and make our tough days somewhat better. To end this in a good note, I encourage you to buy yourself some fancy chocolates, jam out to your favorite Spotify playlist, and know that the single life is just as amazing as being in a relationship.