Is Love Real?

Evelia Juarez Diaz, Contributing Writer

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A very deep and confusing question: is love real? It hinges on a deeper meaning.
The word love is very cheap and anyone can use it. Only some will know what it means. And few will actually give it a “rich meaning.”

The word “love” can be defined several ways. When I Googled “Is love real.” I got results like “Love is nothing there’s no such thing as love,” “Yes, love is real,”
“Love is real but it depends on how you look at it,” “Of course love is real it’s the most important thing in our life,” “Love is what you think it is,” and
“Love means different things to different people.”

Love is love. You can give it a definition, and it can be different from others. The love that I know is pure romantic love. The type of love where we’ll make sacrifices for it, and it makes us feel so alive when we have love. It’s a craving for a specific person; it’s a thirst for us. Many say that love is the best feeling in the world. There’s pure happiness when you get filled with motivation and butterflies.

Love is out of your control. Your heart chooses who it wants.

The love that I think is powerful is the one where you and your significant other connect instantly. You can be with each other for so long and there’s still things you guys don’t know about each other. It is the type of love where you look out for each other and you grow together and become one. You open up to each other and just connect souls. You feel an intense feeling of affection.

People need to know what the difference between love and falling in love. Love can be towards anyone or anything such as your pets, family, friends, etc.

Love for friends and family does exist. But is love for a significant other real?

Falling in love is different. It’s when you’re just so attracted to them and something they have has caught your attention. You’ll constantly think about them, not only do you do things for yourself but also for them. Most people would do anything for their significant other just to see them happy.

Now again. Is love real?
I’m very skeptical about the answer. My answer is yes and no. Yes, you can love someone so deeply that everything you do or say has to deal with them. Yes, love is real. You just have to find it. Find the person that makes you happy unconditionally. Find the person that makes you whole.

Then I say no. No love is not real. Some say it’s an illusion. There is only one sided love. It can be formed be emotions, thoughts, experiences, etc. Our mind then begins to form something that we consider “love.” You can develop a crush on someone, ask them on a date and connect instantly. You guys are together then later on in life get married and have children. One day you wake up and decide you don’t “love” them. Or together come to conclusion that you don’t want that “love” anymore. What was that? Was that love or was it something else? Love doesn’t just disappear one day.

I’m skeptical because I, myself have not experienced it personally.

Love can be real to you but not to your partner, it’s just based on what love means to you.
Love is a sweet poison with no cure.