Things you can add to your Chromebook

Tara Black, Contributing Writer

“The school doesn’t have everything blocked.”
The school has many things on your Chromebook that are blocked, but not everything on the Chromebook is blocked. If you go to the Chrome Web store you can download extensions and apps that unlock things.
These are the things I know you can download on your Chromebook, Hulu, Twitter, and there are even games in the Web Store that you can download. One game I know that you can get is Solitare. There is one bad thing about downloading things, for instance, Hulu logs you out, so when you go back on it you have to sign in again. The Twitter doesn’t kick you out and actually keeps you signed in even if you haven’t been on it in a while.
Not everything in the Chrome Web Store is unblocked. Unfortunately, VPN is still blocked even if you try and download it. Things that may be blocked by just searching them up, aren’t always blocked when you look in the Web Store. There are some ups and downs about this, the apps may or may not work correctly.
There is another app you can download and it is called ‘Unblock Everything’. You can find this in the Chrome Web Store by searching it up and it should be the first thing that pops up. If it isn’t the first thing that pops up, look for the app that looks like an Atomic symbol.
Also, some Seniors on their Chromebook have been able to make their own account, with their own email. Using this they were able to unlock everything that has been locked on your Chromebooks. Only seniors Chromebooks are able to do this.
“I was trying to get Hulu so I tried figuring out how to edit the settings but instead found that I could create a new account.” -Alyx Wisner
Not everyone knows about these little things you can do with your Chromebook. I asked five different people if they knew anything and they didn’t. There are probably a lot more things you can do with your Chromebook that I don’t know about.