Cascading Hearts

The book cover of ¨Cascading Hearts¨

The book cover of ¨Cascading Hearts¨

Evelia Juarez Diaz, Contributing Writer

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Cascading Hearts is a poetry book that ranges from heartbreaks to a journey called life.


The poetry is short but very deep and meaningful.

The first chapter is called “The Fall.” It’s about falling in love with another person and describing how they make them feel.


The second chapter is called “The Pain.” Throughout the chapter there’s descriptions of how heartbreaks feel and regrets someone has after just getting out of a relationship.


The third chapter is called “The Remedy” and it explains what a heartbroken person has been through and how they’re slowly recovering from the tragedious heartbreak.


The journey is the fourth chapter and it describes the beauty of life and all the resources that we use on the daily.


The love is the last chapter, and it describes how someone who’s in love feels. All the beautiful things that love brings into someone’s life.


I highly recommend this book especially to those who enjoy poetry. It’s an eyeopener. I really liked how the author had variety of things to say throughout the chapters. She stuck to the theme.