Juggling Job Hunting, School, and Work

Shaylee Castle, Contributing Writer

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I had two job interviews yesterday after school. The first interview was at Applebee’s at 4:00. Walking into the interview, they were really friendly and brought me to a table to sit and wait for the gentleman who would be interviewing me. The servers and bartender asked me a couple of times if I wanted anything to drink and it was super sweet of them. As for the decorations and atmosphere, they were pleasant and had a lot that I could appreciate. For example, they had art on the walls, different school names carved above the windows like our high school, light fixtures that were created in a beautiful form, and wood work that was quite lovely. It went well and i’m confident in the work area.
My second interview was at McDonald’s at 5:30 and I was early so I ended up eating there first and then chewing gum to replace their scent with a fruity scent before going in 10 minutes early. Walking in it was clear it won’t be my favorite place to work because the atmosphere was pretty depressing. Luckily ,I can make it fun. The workers didn’t look happy at work, but I need the money so it’s the one thing that is keeping me from deciding to leave. The woman who interviewed me was kind but it’s just not something I wish to do for the rest of my life. Can I juggle two jobs? I guess we shall see if I get the jobs.

Shuffling around the room is definitely not something I want to wake up to an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off. Last night, my little sister Lindsey had kept me up until about 12 playing videos on her phone out loud . Now, I’m also being woken up an hour before I actually should be up? It doesn’t end when it comes to siblings. They always find a way to disturb the peace. On a side note, an update on my positions that I applied for, I start orientation for the hostess position at Applebee’s on Saturday. As for McDonald’s, I am still currently waiting. I also fell asleep in my 5th hour because I was so exhausted but still got stuff done.

I got the job at McDonald’s, so now I technically have three jobs and I have no idea how I am going to handle all three. I have no problem with multi-tasking but three jobs is a lot. Lindsey, my little sister, was up late again and then early so I didn’t get a ton of sleep. I also ended up vomiting because of her. She made the room smell really bad.
Plans for today, I wish to sleep but I have to go on a “date.” II don’t consider it a date because I don’t like him like that. I don’t really like anyone right now and don’t have interest in wasting time or money on it. It sounds kind of cold but I just want to focus on graduating and keeping myself set on a path to success and I’ve never needed someone because I know how to take care of myself. They try to convince you that you need them but I haven’t needed someone to be happy or successful, and I’m glad I know that now. Today, I hope he realizes it too. Tomorrow, I have an orientation for Applebee’s and i’m ready for it.

Started orientation at Applebee’s. I arrived ten minutes early and was seated at a table to wait until they cleared of the preferred table. Before getting started, the had me waiting for their new host also and then when she arrived, we got to the paperwork and got it done fairly quickly. He then took us on a tour of Applebee’s and the areas that I will need to stay in. I can only go through one door that leads to the kitchen and I have to rinse my hands and then wash them properly. When we went all the way to the back by his office and where trash is thrown out, the floor was sticky and it was difficult to hear what he was saying with all of the noise. We ended up filling out more paperwork, but this time online filling out basic things like our social security information and then he got us our name tags and clock in cards. After that, he taught us how to clock in and clock out and we then were able to go home and it was nice. It’s the one place i’m most excited to work at compared to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s orientation was slightly chaotic. Walking in I was also ten minutes early but there were already five people waiting to start and I was quite shocked. We filled out paperwork and I had to change my availability to fit Applebee’s schedule which was fairly simple. Then we watched videos and went over safety policies, hand washing policies, and ways to keep everything sanitized for our customers and coworkers. One way was using different colored gloves to handle raw meat or items like salad because you never want to mix raw with fresh items like salads or tomatoes.
I learned a lot at McDonald’s and it will be difficult to memorize but not as hard as remembering sku numbers at Flowerland. After the video’s she took the first person back to fill out general information and receive a tour while we ordered employee meals and chatted amongst ourselves. I actually enjoyed getting to know them before starting training and we all got along. When it became my turn to fill out paperwork, I got to see just how cramped it was back in that area and how slippery the floor’s were. She had trouble adding me as an employee and will probably need me to fill out more things. It’s cramped but I think I’ll get used to it.

Started my first day of training at Applebee’s and it was overwhelming. I filled out paperwork and watched videos at first which was easy, and then I got thrown into it all. I followed a guy around named christian and he showed me where the sanitizing buckets were, the rags, how to seat guests, get their menus, etc. I didn’t get home until like 10.
Luckily, they fed me though, because I was starving. The quesadilla burger was literally the best burger I have ever had and messy in a good way. I could taste every flavor throughout the burger and wanted to cry because it was so yummy.
I learned what flagging was and what dishes went where. I also have to memorize where the empty alcohol bottles go or the glasses. I’m not used to working that late but it’s money I guess.

This morning, I am exhausted after working late yesterday. I feel like it’s hard to stay up right now and I work again tonight for Applebee’s. The roads and sidewalks were icy and we shouldn’t of had school but we did. Walking to work I almost slid into traffic and my no-slip work shoes couldn’t even keep me safe. I also slipped in front of my work and thankfully didn’t fall either of the times even though my bag was heavy.
Unfortunately, our bartender and server saw me slip and it made me nervous. They kept asking if I was okay, and I was it just scared me and then I had to go to the bathroom because it scared me. The night went much smoother the second time and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I messed up rotation once, but it was easily fixed. Overall, it went well and I got to go home at a decent time.

I woke up early at 6 to get ready to go to school. My little sister woke me up telling me I could get in the shower and that she was just gonna talk to my mom. I go downstairs and she’s sitting there on the couch and decides to tell me we don’t have school after I come downstairs with my towels and stuff. I was highly irritated with her. I slept a decent amount and then took a bath to get ready for my first day of training at McDonald’s but they never called me back, so I called and apparently, I wasn’t scheduled even though they were supposed to so I start tomorrow from 4-8. So far I am not impressed with McDonald’s.

This morning I feel sick but I guess that’s normal considering the circumstances. I start training at McDonald’s today and I’m not excited about it, but it’s work.
Walking into work wasn’t actually as bad. I felt super awkward and in the way at first but after figuring out what to do, it went really smooth. I learned how to make french fries and was pretty quick at it. I would get the frozen fries, set them in the oil, time them, pull them out, shake out excess oil, dump them in their designated container, salt them, then send out the size of fries needed. I also was taught sweeping, mopping, and helping customers at the electronic menu that you can fill out yourself.
I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.