‘Movie cover for the first Gidget film’

‘Movie cover for the first Gidget film’

Tara Black, Contributing Writer

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‘An old movie comes back to life.’
This original movie will take you back in time. The original movie Gidget was made in 1959, this may be an old movie but it still is amazing. Re-watching and reviewing an old movie is awesome because you get to experience how much the movie industry has developed.
There were many movies made and even a tv show was made that was based on the original movie. To be exact there were around seven movies made and around two tv show made. The thing that started this all was a book made about the real Gidget Kathy Kohner. These series were about her experience as a young woman changing how people see what women should be doing. Kathy was going out and surfing and that is something Women in 1959 didn’t do.
Most people don’t know that this movie was based on a true story, they just know the movie. Also, people my age have no clue what this movie is because it was made so long ago. People seem to stop watching older movies, which sucks because there are so many great movies people don’t even see or even know to exist.
The movie Gidget is about a young Kathy Kohner, she is about 15 years old when this happened to her. The story of this tells about how a young girl who doesn’t act girly is attracted to being more like a tomboy. Which is also a huge point line in this story. In the movie and real life she meets a group of surf guys, which she becomes friends with, and with them is when she learns how to surf.
“All the fellows had nicknames in Malibu: Moondoggie, Golden Boy, Beetle, the Jaw. One day one of the guys called me ‘Gidget.’ He said I was a girl and a midget. [She’s 5feet, 1 inch tall.] The name stuck.” quoted Kathy Kohner talking about her experience with her summer. This interview she was also talking about how some people even know who she is, well they know who Gidget is.
The movie and the book have many similarities and many differences. Not everything said in the movie or in the book happened in real life, they just wanted to create a story.
It has officially been 60 years since this movie has come out. Which means as time goes by the fewer people are watching this movie. Personally, I love this movie, because of the storyline and how old the movie is. In my preferences, old movies are the best, because of how different they are made now. The acting is different and so is the dialogue. The way some of the things are written sometimes makes you cringe.
The movie Gidget is truly amazing, and more people should definitely see what makes it so special. Even though this was made a long time ago it is still amazing, and a wonderful movie to watch.