Zhavia is the Voice That Will Fix Today’s Music

Courtnee Raybon, Contributing Writer

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A sixteen-year-old girl with a voice that will entirely change the way that you feel about music. Zhavia Ward is a predecessor of FOX’s new competitive singing reality show. She made her debut on the show at an early age of sixteen. When she appeared on the show, no one knew she would have such a powerful and omnipotent voice. It wasn’t until she opened her mouth to sing that people felt the way that music is supposed to make you feel. A way that the music of this era heavily lacks.

Zhavia’s voice is the voice from the past that has been missing in today’s music. With every word that comes out of her mouth, she brings a sense of the past back into the people of today. Her eloquence and style brings the older audience to a state of reminiscence. It allows them to truly enjoy the musical message when they hear the sixteen-year-old girl that brings her audience on a journey that earns their respect. People were mesmerized by her voice, with people in tears throughout the many crowds in the showplace of the reality TV show. Her voice is a mere resemblance of the musical decades that produced much of what became musical standards that today’s music is held up to. The audience was struck by a voice that really stands for what music must be for faithful enjoyment. Music in the past was adequately enjoyed because each song came with great importance. It stood for things that were relevant and memorable in the eyes of the people in society. The world may never know what corrupted the minds of the people in the music industry. What made them think 12-year-old girls singing about their “haters” is something that people want to listen and connect to?

Many students and staff at Wyoming High School believe that today’s music has been taken over by “artists” who create songs that lack the true essence of what music is meant to be.

Jayden Hansma, a Junior at Wyoming, says that “music has become far less enjoyable than it was in the earlier 2000’s.”

The music industry has found stars with a large following on Instagram and Musical.ly, and morphed them into these singers and dancers that produce songs that lack the very meaning that people strive to connect with, and have the nerve to call them “artists.” There are young girls singing about being in a candy shop, their heart being broken, and Gucci clothes on their body? An immature 12-year-old singing about candy cannot be compared to that of an artist like John Lennon who sang of prospective world peace.
Bria’nna Hoffman, another junior here at Wyoming High School, told me that “the music industry doesn’t have the right mindset for setting the standards of the music that our future generations will be left with.”

With Zhavia rising to the top, the industry of music will become bewildered by the difference in the music they have been producing and that of the past. When they hear her voice and the way that it carries a message, they will remember the real reason music became important to our world.

At this point point in musical history, music and rhythm has changed periodically. The music that is being made now is nothing like that of the past, and people are becoming afraid of what the standards by which music is held at will become. The apprehensity is due solely to the idea that the musical standards that are created now will be the criteria for the music that our future generations of our children will produce based on what the past (our music now) offered them.

Zhavia is going to be the band aid of the industry that produces twelve-year-olds. She will put us on the right track to saving the standards that we should be protecting.

All those big music producers out there…watch out! Your ideas of what productions really reel in the money is no longer acceptable.