The Beautiful Mess That is Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy TV Poster

Grey's Anatomy TV Poster

Ysabel Lopez, Contributing Writer

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You think your life is a mess? I guess you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy, the longest running American Medical drama show. This show was created but Shonda Rhimes and has been on the air for 14 years, March 27, 2005. This show revolves around the lives of interns, residents, and chief of surgeries.

In the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Blowin’ in the Wind,” a big ol’ wind storm rolls through Seattle. Due to the wind storm, Alex and Jo are stuck at home. They were angry that they were trapped in there home with no electricity but they decide to make the best of it by having a second honeymoon.

It’s taken eight episodes for Teddy to finally tell Owen that she is pregnant with his baby. Just before they’re going into the OR to remove a giant candy cane decoration that’s impaled an elderly man, she says that she needs to tell him something but after the surgery because they need to concentrate on this surgery first. Owen starts going crazy during surgery thinking about what Teddy needs to tell him, and Teddy couldn’t hold it in any much longer so she just blurts it right out, right there in the OR with Jackson and a bunch of nurses watching! I was shocked when she announced it right in the OR, what a great place to tell someone your pregnant with there baby right?

Meredith has had a rough week. She comes back from Los Angeles and has to go pick Richard up from the police station, yikes. She tells him he needs to get his head on straight so he can take care of his family. After that, Meredith is back in an OR where she has to listen to Maggie go on and on about her big fight with Jackson. Maggie is debating on whether or not she wants to break up with Jackson, Meredith was just listening to the whole time knowing that Jackson is really going to need Maggie. Meredith eventually breaks and tells Maggie that Catherine (Jackson’s mother) has a giant tumor.

Lastly, Andrew and Meredith are in an elevator together and then boom, the power goes out and they are stuck in there together. Such a good ending, really.

The next episode is going to be chaotic. I believe Jackson is going to tell Richard about his mother’s tumor, after getting out of jail I don’t think that’s the first thing you want to hear. Maybe Owen and Teddy might finally put their pride aside and finally decide to be together. And lastly, I think Meredith and Andrew will discuss their feeling about each other.

What a show right? Good thing this is all fake because, woah, this is too much. With all these spin-offs it’s hard to keep track of what’s actually going on.