Wolves Take a Tough Loss Against South Christian

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Wolves Take a Tough Loss Against South Christian

Dillon Boukma, Contributing Writer

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Wyoming comes up short in hard-fought loss to South Christian

Our Wolves lost to a vengeful Sailors team this Tuesday by a score of 77-51.
We played a great defensive game, shutting down vetted guards from South, but even with the fantastic defense the Wolves fell behind quickly. Falling victim to South’s big men, our boys were outmatched in experience and size. Down for most of the game, our boys struggled with shots and playing a much bigger Sailor team had trouble getting to the rim, despite having trouble we attacked the rim very hard and proved that we weren’t afraid to go right at an opponent size or not.

Despite a tough loss, our boys have a lot to learn from this loss and Coach Vanderklay had many positives to take from the hard loss. “I’m really pleased with our competitiveness in this past game,” he said.”It was definitely a step up from our previous loss.”

Coach also said he was happy with free throws. “We were able to get our free throws up in this game and that’s an important part of the game,” he said.

The Wolves trailed for most of the game with South keeping a ten point lead for most of the game. Coming out in the second half it seemed as though we had a fire and we pushed the Sailors cutting their lead for a few minutes then it seemed as though our fire was just put out and we started falling behind again, still hanging on we kept the game to a ten point differential but that would change. Near the end of the game in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, our boys seemed to wave the white flag and South pulled ahead extending their lead to twenty. This was South’s first win against our boys in several years.

Looking forward we have a tough schedule, we play a good Wayland team tonight with a large presence, and coming up we have Grand Rapids Christian and Benton Harbor, both of whom are talked about in high regard. Stopping our current losing streak will play a big part in getting us back on track and, hopefully, that will start tonight at Wayland.