Nolan Weatherby: My Take on Winning Alpha Wolf

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Nolan Weatherby: My Take on Winning Alpha Wolf

Nolan Weatherby, Alpha Wolf Winner (;

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I never thought that holding the door open for a friend was something that they’d remember. I never thought that asking about a teacher’s day was such an important thing to them. And, I never thought that helping others with their homework would lead to me being awarded the Alpha Wolf 11 Award back in May.

Now, I do want to say, for the record, that I don’t really tell others about what it’s like to win the award because that’s not how I roll. I hope those of you who read this don’t take this as bragging, but I feel like this was an experience that I will never forget, and I want you guys to know what really goes through a winners head when they hear their named called by Mr. Doyle.


I remember back to sophomore year when my class first learned about the award program itself. A good friend of mine that most of you know, Mirnes Kukic, spoke to us about what each student should look for in the candidate that they choose to nominate. The group that I was sitting with instantly started to look at me and say “Nolan,” but I just got all flustered and told them I’m not good enough. I promise that was actually how I felt at first.

The problem was, I started to get excited when the assembly got closer and closer, and I need to say right now that getting your hopes up can be really upsetting when nothing happens. I had told myself all year that I wouldn’t go to the gym expecting to win, but there I was. It didn’t happen, and right then I decided to just stop thinking about the award entirely.


Junior year finally started, and my mindset was still the same, I would not get excited around others when it was time to vote for Alpha Wolf. That was going to change in May.


I play in the band, so I was right there when Mr. Doyle began to speak. My buddy Pablo had just won, and I was really happy because I had voted for him. The speech was very hard to figure out in the beginning since there was no clues as to who the winner was. But, as Mr. Doyle went on, people around me began to point and smile, so naturally I went red in the face and tried to stay calm like any other day. I didn’t really react when he said my name, and it shows on the video. I just smile and walk to where my family was entering from the other side of the gym, looking like I didn’t care. Trust me, once I went and sat back down afterward, I finally showed some emotion and felt all bubbly inside.


Things seemed mostly normal at school afterwards. Friends still called me Nolan, but they made sure to make fun of me when I did something they would say “wasn’t very Alpha Wolf like.” I felt the same, but I could tell that teachers talked to me in a different way, with more pride and happiness. That’s the best thing I could have hoped for because all I try to do is make others smile. That’s the best thing I could have hoped for when I became an Alpha Wolf 11.