Check It: 10 Popular Trends at Wyoming High School

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Check It: 10 Popular Trends at Wyoming High School

Shaylynn Morris, Contributing Writer

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Wyoming High School seems to be making up their own trends (or maybe they are just carrying on trends that are unpopular). These are just trends I have noticed, you may have never heard of them but they may be clothing trends, games people have made up or just things I have noticed people do or have interest in doing.


  • Tying shoelaces. I believe this trend started on Instagram, wrapping your shoelaces around your ankles and then tying them. I have personally done this and to be honest I think is cuter than actually tying your laces.
  • Tucking shoelaces in. I have noticed a lot of students tie their shoelaces and then tuck the ‘bunny ears’ into their shoes. I have noticed it most with Vans shoes. This is a very popular trend at WHS.
  • Blow ‘n Freeze. That is most likely not the name for this particular game but I think that is a great name for it. This game was recently created by who knows, the objective of the game is to care a hole with your hand and blow towards someone’s direction and that makes them freeze and they cannot move until someone else touches their ear. Now I know you’re thinking, why would somebody create this game? I have no idea, high schoolers surprise me with new things every day.
  • Ripped Jeans. A lot of people wear ripped jeans, I have noticed it more in females but lots of guys wear ripped jeans as well. I am one of those students that wear ripped jeans way more than plain jeans and I believe that is because it is more stylish. Plain jeans in lots of teenagers opinions have more of a formal look. School isn’t usually a formal place so ripped jeans are the way to go.
  • Natural faces. I have noticed 2018 has brought natural faces to WHS, this is a good thing. How I see it is, students that are wearing makeup are letting their natural faces be seen more. Less makeup at school and around more people most definitely rise confidence and that’s what I’m hoping to see even more during the rest of the year.
  • Waves. Lots of guys value their hair like it’s a living and breathing person, the majority of WHS curly haired guys have been wanting to show off their waves. I have also noticed on their bad hair days they wear durags to cover it all up and help fix the waves but I guess that doesn’t happen a lot with them continuously brushing their waves down.
  • Oversized earrings. Many females at WHS have been seen with gigantic hoop earrings. I think this trend will never lose interest because giant hoops has been a trend for the longest. The trend is cute but maybe a little dangerous due to the fact that they are easier to be pulled on if they are bigger.
  • Sharp and dark eyebrows. Now I did say a lot more students at WHS are becoming more natural but a lot of other students have been making their eyebrows more and more darker and more and more sharper. Drawing on your eyebrows has been a trend as long as hoop earrings has been but it seems like people have their own ways of doing them. Some people actually believe the darker and sharper the better and I have most definitely noticed that at WHS.
  • Vans, Off The Wall. Talking more about shoes, I have seen most people at WHS wearing Vans shoes. I have noticed more and more types and designs of Vans all the time. I have seen mismatching colors, flames, hightop Vans, checkered and more. The style seems to be in everybody’s interest these days.
  • T-shirts over hoodies. As the weather is getting colder I have noticed people love to wear more hoodies, I guess they want to show off their shirts too. They have been wearing hoodies with their T-shirts over their hoodies, this isn’t something that a lot of people do on their best days so I think this is a comfy day look.


These are only 10 of the trends I have noticed this year and it is still pretty early in the school years. There are way more trends to come and I will definitely be here to let them be noticed.


Mahlik Matthews is what we call a perfect example of having the perfect waves, am I right or am I right?