NBC’s Manifest Takes Off in its Debut Season

Skylar Gelock, Contributing Writer

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In 2013 Montego Air Flight 828, on its way home from Jamaica, went missing. Except the passengers of the flight didn’t realize it. To them, the flight was routine with a little turbulence. However, when they arrived home, they were shocked to discover the world had aged five years while they remained exactly the same as they had in 2013.

That is the premise of a show on NBC called Manifest. Each episode shows how the passengers deal with adjusting to their old lives that are very different from how they left them in 2013. On top of having to come to terms with the fact that the friends and family they left behind have lived five years without them, the passengers also start experiencing things such as visions and voices in their heads.

The visions and voices lead them to do unbelievable things. For example, in the first episode, a passenger named Michaela heard a voice in her head saying, “Set them free.” At first, she thought that meant she had to set two dogs free. She later discovered that it meant she had to set two little girls who had been missing free from their captor. The voices had led her right to the location of the girls by some miracle. This is just the beginning of the amazing things the passengers accomplish with the help of something we as the audience, and the characters themselves, have left to find out about.

I have been watching this show with my boyfriend and his dad. We all have some theories on what the thing is that is leading the characters. My boyfriend’s dad thinks that it has to do with religion and that the passengers are being led by angels, or that they themselves have become angels after enduring the flight. My boyfriend himself agrees with his dad but also has his own theory that maybe it’s some type of supernatural being besides an angel. I think that both of them could be correct but I am leaning more towards the angel idea.