Just Another Day Working at the Car Wash

Emmanuel Navar, Contributing Writer

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I work at Mister Car Wash, the busiest Mister Car Wash and maybe the busiest car wash in Michigan. We get all sorts of people coming through on a daily basis. From the rich to the less rich there are always some people who just don’t like to be talked to or even have their car touched.

Which is ironic, because we need to touch their cars sometimes. For example, about three weeks ago a massive Ford F 3500 Super Duty came through. The truck was sitting on a massive lift kit and had massive side mirrors that need to be folded in unless they would break. Mind you we can’t see into the truck because the truck had tinted windows. I go to fold his mirrors then all hell breaks loose.

His window rolls down then an old man with yellow teeth begins to scream at me because he knows he has to get out of his truck to fold his mirrors. We go back and forth arguing about our store policy which is to fold massive truck mirrors. He then tells me to F myself and floors it down the tunnel towards stationary cars. My manager sees this in our security cameras and runs into the tunnel and jumps in front of his truck. He bounces off this massive front grille and slides about 15 feet across the floor and slides right into our high-pressure cage, which can literally cut skin with how high the PSI water jets are.

He’s flailing around yelling because the jets feel like you’re punched all over your body. I finally turn the line off and he stands up, beat red and yanks the guy out of his truck and locks him in our bathroom.

The cops arrived and our entire line had to be shut down because now we had to get his truck out of our tunnel. We had to use the backhoe from the lot across the street to drag his truck –  it was still in park by the way – through the entire back end of the tunnel. In the process of doing this, the tunnel floor had begun to shift due to the weight of the backhoe.

We were pulling huge blocks of concrete out of place and dragging the old man’s truck over top of it. By the time we got out of the tunnel two sections of huge concrete slabs slipped into our drainage systems and caused a massive back up flooding the front end of our tunnel with dark brown dirty water.

Long story short, we shut down everything and paid about $45,000 in repairs for the tunnel and using the backhoe. All in all,  it was a pretty productive day.