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The Life of a Senior

Shaylee Castle, Contributing Writer

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It doesn’t feel real. It seems like it was just yesterday we were walking through the school as sophomores terrified of the seniors and worried about finding our lockers or classes. Almost like we were still trying to find our classes and who to sit next to at lunch. Now we’re preparing ourselves for the end. It always seemed so far away and now here we are. Standing in the hallways trying to comprehend that this year we will experience our last choir concert, our last prom, or our last times walking through the hallways were we spent most of our days navigating our way through to get to our next classes. We are seniors and soon we will be graduates of high school.


High school has changed me. I’ve gained and lost friends, but I think it has also made me grow to be a better person. I’m not perfect but I’m better than what I used to be. I certainly never thought that I would make it this far. I may not have the highest GPA, but I’m proud that I decided to stick around and I don’t need a GPA to tell me if I’m smart or not because I know I am. I just didn’t try. That’ll be something I pay for this year, but I don’t regret it because it shows that I’m trying harder this year to prove that I’m smart. Being new to the high school was confusing but now I’m a senior and I’ve become used to it all. I think that’s how the “Disease” starts.


It seems that every year, any student that is a senior develops “senioritis” which seems to be true because you feel so overwhelmed, exhausted and sick with school. I feel happy more than sick of school because I just really never thought that I’d make it to this point. When you’re a sophomore it doesn’t feel like a possibility because you’re focused on getting through that year. This year is hard but I feel like things are easier to get through because I’ve been through it already. Life has made it easier to be there for others and I think that’s the greatest accomplishment that I’ll ever be proud of. I’m not gonna look back to high school and miss being here but I know that I will miss the few good memories that I’ve made throughout the years. I know few sounds like a far-fetched way of talking about my years but I’ve gone through a lot that made me super depressed to the point where I couldn’t see the good in days.


Being a senior, I can’t really look at my mistakes and regret them because it will only make it harder to move forward and I think that’s what many forget. Often times, other adults try to tell you how badly you messed up but the thing is, we know. I know I could’ve done better in class but it’s too late to change that. I can only change what happens next.  I may not have done as well but I’m proud that I’m still here today and helping others get through stuff that I went through on my own. It gets hard when you’re alone and I don’t want others to struggle with the things I did. Our first senior assembly I fainted and only like one person knew what was up because I told him so that was my first kind of moment of “Hey you’re a senior!” Even though I couldn’t exactly enjoy it, It’s something to laugh about. I’m not sure how I’ll afford everything either but I made it and that’s all that matters to me right now.


I know most of us are probably already sick of school but we can get through senioritis (maybe). Nobody really talks about how hard it is to pull yourself out of bed for class but it’s really hard. You’re all warm under your covers snuggled up and content with how good you’re sleeping and then your alarm abruptly wakes you up obnoxiously blaring at you to get ready for school and walk through the cold morning weather just to get on a bus or go straight to school. We do it for our education because we’re told we can’t get a good job without college. It’s a scary thought when you’re a senior. You have to choose the right college and the right majors because the wrong one could mean switching and digging a hole full of more debt and it’s quite nerve-wracking to think that debt is our future.


We spend most of our years preparing for school and learning. The rest we mostly spend working to keep a house, feed ourselves and to have a “good life.” We are controlled by money more than we think. We also get taxed on many different things like getting a pet registered which would not benefit us or them at all other than just giving them money when we pay for pets, and the taxes on food, vet visits, and many other things. It’s crazy, the things we do to be happy. Senior year is ticking away and adult life is approaching quicker than we know and we’ve prepared for school but have we prepared for being adults? Either way, I’m ready for it to be over. I’m tired of sitting in these hard seats and being confined to a desk and the work in front of me. I’m ready to go out and do more than what I do in high school. Ready to meet people who actually want something out of life.


It’s hard knowing that the end is approaching but for me, it’s easier. It’s become hard to walk through the halls and think about the amount of loss I have encountered or the things I have overcome at such a young age but it’s easier knowing that I won’t have a constant reminder of those things because I will walk that stage and I won’t have to wake up early next year to go to school and try to push myself to get through each day. I’ll miss my teachers that have helped me through my many struggles through school. I also know I’ll miss the friends I have made and the good memories I made but I also know I wouldn’t want to go back to high school after this. I’ve always had a sensitive heart and it was hard for me to lose the many things that I have lost. In the end, though, it’s made me stronger. I failed a lot of my classes barely passing but now that I’m really trying, I have A’s and you can be that person too. I’m no genius, I failed chemistry twice now and I failed classes that were easy for me because I didn’t try, but when you change your mindset, that is when success seems more in reach. It takes a while to change the way you think about life but, I promise it is possible.


So, to the sophomores and juniors, and future seniors, It may seem impossible but with the right mindset you can do it. It’s hard to change your mind frame and think that you can be successful when it seems so far away but it is possible. Make the most of your years as a high schooler because It makes it easier to enjoy high school. Do your best to retake tests you have failed because keeping your GPA up is the one thing that matters on top of getting the diploma that will make all of your hard work counts. I wish that I would’ve had more help in my classes and with counselors but I never really asked for help so don’t follow my mistakes and make sure you’re reaching out because they’re paid to help YOU. It’ll seem like it won’t ever end and that school will be a forever thing but once you’re a senior it goes by quicker than you think so look forward to being one and graduating, but never forget that your grades are important. If I can do it, so can you.


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The Life of a Senior