BTS in Chicago: An Unforgettable Experience

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BTS in Chicago: An Unforgettable Experience

BTS shortly after their concert in Chicago on October 3rd, Uploaded to twitter by @BTS_official

BTS shortly after their concert in Chicago on October 3rd, Uploaded to twitter by @BTS_official

BTS shortly after their concert in Chicago on October 3rd, Uploaded to twitter by @BTS_official

BTS shortly after their concert in Chicago on October 3rd, Uploaded to twitter by @BTS_official

Mari Martinez, Contributing Writer

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Imagine crying your heart out in the most intense, unforgettable, and heart-wrenching way. Picture that but for 23,500 people. 23,500 people sobbing and screaming and smiling out of sheer bliss over seven boys. now a concert has always been known to be an unforgettable experience, many of which happen when you are very young. My very first concert was a blur, I was with my older sister and I remember putting glow tape on my fingers for the dark but the thing is, the concert wasn’t memorable. It didn’t stick in my head the way I thought it would.

The latest concert I went to was the complete opposite. It was memorable from start to finish, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a higher level of absolute euphoria than in those three hours of live music.

I went to go see BTS, which is still unbelievable to me as I type it. I have been listening to them since my sophomore year, and I never thought I’d get as far as going to one of their concerts. I remember being the person who would always say “oh I love their music, but I’ll never see it live.”

Yet here I am, fresh out of the concert and it was beyond what I expected. My breath was taken away immediately. I don’t expect everyone to understand me feeling this with a Korean  Boy Band, but I know that everyone can have this experience with any artist.

To start off, the merchandise lines were ridiculously long, and of course, they ran out of everything I wanted. I expected that much though. There wasn’t much to do at the venue itself but take pictures, but once you got inside, it was a whole different situation.

I got my bag checked, and then I headed to where my seat was located, so I went up to the third level of the stairs. I got to my seat, and I noticed I was shaking all over. My hands would not stop quivering, and they had all the music videos playing while we waited the two hours for the boys to come out on stage.

Now, its weird, but there are fan chants to every song that all of the fans know. So, as the music videos played, we were all shouting out the fan chants for every song, in hopes that the boys could hear us backstage. We all have a lightstick as well, called an A.R.M.Y Bomb. It’s Bluetooth and changes colors for every song and flashes to the beat of the music.

Back to real time, the fanchants went on for an hour and a half I think, I’m unsure as I really lost track of time. The lights suddenly went dark, and we all turned our lightsticks on, and everyone started cheering. My hands were sweaty, knees weak, arms spag-no. I mean that’s true, but I was mostly shaking and I could feel tears in my eyes. I told myself I would probably just shed a tear or maybe not even that. Once the music started up, and the boys came up from below the stage, I freaked out. I also immediately start bawling.

Now hear me out, crying in public is not something I enjoy doing. Ever. but these are seven boys who came from nothing, who inspired me in my lowest points in life, man. They are so incredibly worth it.

They started off the concert with their latest comeback debut, “Idol,” which broke Taylor Swift’s record for most views upon its release with 45 million, passing her 43.3 million views on Youtube.

“Idol” is hype song, it has African beats and also has lyrics that are just about loving yourself and enjoying your life. Now picture me, this 5’3, kinda emo, kinda grungy, chick just bawling her eyes out while still shouting along the lyrics and waving a lightstick. I mean, I was having the time of my life. I was sobbing and screaming and laughing and it was a moment of such pure bliss that I forgot about everything.

Once the song finished, they talked and introduced themselves, warming the crowd up a little and establishing a couple of rules, and there I was. still crying but on the concert went.

NOW. as you can imagine. This is how the majority of the concert went on for me. I would stop crying and just enjoy myself, but there would be certain songs that would really just hit me and I’d start crying again. It was a constant on and off of my tears.

In the end, I really lost it. I couldn’t even keep singing. I was just sobbing as they walked off and said goodbye, barely able to wave back and wipe my tears. I walked out to meet my friend and I’m still crying. I’m crying, I have goosebumps, I’m breathless, and I’m so incredibly happy.

And now I’m here. Back home, no longer in the same concert atmosphere, but still just as happy. I know the difference between this concert and my first concert will always strike me. This was such an incredible, amazing, and euphoric experience that I know I’ll never forget.