OSU Fan Makes a Surprising Prediction About MSU Against U of M

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OSU Fan Makes a Surprising Prediction About MSU Against U of M

Luis Aguilar, Contributing Writer

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OSU Fan Make a Surprising Prediction Abou MSU Against U of M


I’m personally an MSU fan and I believe we can upset Michigan at home. Considering we just got done beating the #8 team in the country (Penn State) but they did just come off a devastating defeat against OSU at home so maybe this is a start of a domino effect.


MSU averages about 271.5 passing yards a game and 123.0 rushing yards per game while UofM averages about 207.0 passing yards a game and about 217.0 rushing yards.  

It’s about a 29.5 yards total difference but MSU is giving up about 22.3 points a game and putting up about 26.2 points a game.

UofM is scoring about 38.1 points a game while only giving up 15.4 this season which is impressive


I wanted an opinion about this week’s game so instead of interviewing a U of M or MSU fan I got a statement of an OSU fan, Gavin Henry, and this is what he said and I quote:


“The reason why I believe that scUM will beat MSU is because they have arguably the best defense in the entire country. Their drama queen quarterback is also finally looking slightly above mediocre and throwing about 65%. They have a running back that’s constantly getting about 20 carries and 100 yards. MSU just doesn’t have the athletes at the end of the day to physically play with scUM for 60 minutes but when it’s all said and done, it’s a rivalry and anything can happen with emotion and heart. Especially when they have Jim Harbaugh as a coach and he seemingly can’t beat rivals.”


So there it is, an  OSU fan believes UofM will beat MSU this weekend but that still doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance and should give up.


Watch the game this Saturday (10-20-18) at Fox at 12 pm.