The Haunt New and Improved

Tara Black, Contributing Writer

The Haunt has moved. It was originally in Walker where it has been there for 18 years, to it moving to Wyoming. Not only has the location been moved, but there’s also a brand new owner.  

Tickets are being sold for $30 at the gate, but now you can go online and get tickets for $5 less.

Fast pass tickets will be sold for $40, online you can get $5 off. The fast pass ticket will let you skip the admission line.

V.I.P tickets are also going to be sold for $55 and are once again $5 off with an online purchase. Now the V.I.P tickets purchased at The Haun, will not give you a parking pass but will give you access to skip the admissions line, the V.I.P lounge, entertainment, and refreshments. If you purchase the ticket online for $5 less you will also get a parking pass with everything included with the purchase at the Haunt.

One other thing is the group tickets that will be $20 and are only available online. Those will only be available for certain dates.

With the new owners come a few new rules. For instance, kids the age 11-15 will have to be accompanied by an adult that is older than 18 years old. Also, no children the age 10 or under will not be allowed on the property.