Riverdale.. Is It Worth Watching?

Tara Black, Contributing Writer

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Riverdale brings everything to the table, it brings drama, mystery, love, and tragedy. These details don’t usually come up with a high school based tv show, but it does for this Cw show.

Riverdale is based upon the Archie Comics. The CW Tv show is about these teenagers who go through all these tragedies, and how it affects their life.

So far the two seasons that have come out have two different plots. They are the same people, same name, but what’s different, is what is happening to these characters. Everytime they seem to leave you off on a cliff hanger, making you want to come back for more.

One thing that Riverdale does that is a really cool idea to interpret into a tv series is that they don’t set it in time. The characters have iPhones but somethings in the series don’t match up to a specific era in time.


Characters of Riverdale

  • Archie-  15-16 years old. He is one of the main characters, sings, plays guitar, football, and starts a lot of drama.
  • Veronica- 15-16 years old. Main character. New to town, Bestfriends with Betty, sings, cheerleader, and brings drama with her to town.
  • Betty- 15-16 years old. Main character. She is a mystery, Bestfriends with Veronica, sings, and is a cheerleader.
  • Jughead- 15-16 years old. Main character. Huge mystery, Journalist, and really smart.
  • Cheryl- 17 years old. Not exactly a main character, but also is a main character. Smart, Drama, very secretive, and cheerleader.  
  • Kevin- 15-16 years old. Not exactly a main character, but also is a main character. Smart, full of drama, and doesn’t always show people the real him.
  • (Other characters, Parents, etc)

The first episode for Season 3 came out on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

Season 3 for Riverdale seems to be amazing so far. The first episode was an wonderful start to a brand new season.

It was suspenseful, and full of brand new drama, this series is about to take a turn for the better.

Riverdale is really a marvelous show to watch.