An Inside Look to The New Art Installment

Aliyah Rivera, Feature Editor

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Who remembers the dragons in the lobby of Wyoming High School? Yes. Dragons! Obviously they weren’t real, they were a project from the art class. Our hallway looked so cool! Now it is just empty. But soon, it won’t be anymore. The advanced art students are preparing a great installation to replace the empty space that is there.

Art students are preparing their ideas and pieces in order to make this really stand out and be great but the process is not as simple as one may think.

With any great plan comes steps. The first step art students were required to do was find an object that they feel represents them. The items, you can imagine, had a lot of variation. Obviously no one is the same so also no object was either. Some items that students brought were sneakers, a pair of glasses, a chess board, an umbrella, even a skateboard. Every item had a different shape, form, look, and meaning. Most students chose one of their already owned items, but nothing too important. This is because of what they had to do to them.

The next step for the artists was to create more off their object now. The options were unlimited and open for what they could do with it. They could paint on it, glue things to it, cut it, break it. Anything they wanted to do with their object chosen could be done. The process took about a week for students and in that time they were able to change the look of their items to represent them.

After all students had their items, the next thing to do was to think of the large setup of how exactly they wanted to hang things. The process is still ongoing and the art class hopes to have it up soon.

To Be Continued… 🙂