And The Stars Above


Sebastian Blum

The light flickers and there is darkness. I see darkness all around me. It is corrupting everything all around. Do you hear that? That is the sound of the dark. Do you feel that? That is the feeling of loneliness. The dark does that to you. Not all dark, let us be fair here. The darkness has indeed its benefits, but too many negatives. Oh, I fear the darkness.


Do you see that? Neither do I. There is nothing in sight. Not a soul, not an organism. Why am I in this void? Is it to suffer or to understand the meaning of pain? Are they the same thing?


I wake up from nothingness and I see something now. My God, I see something! Light! Light! It is a star in the sky. A star has blessed me. I see light! The star remains in position, but that does not bother me. There is now a life-form within my presence. It is so close to my grasp, yet it seems so far away. Is this irony or just a cruel trick?


I awaken once more to find another light in the sky. Another star! Why do these stars appear? I was just surrounded by darkness. Why does the light appear? Does it hear my calling or does it feel my pain? Do I confuse pain with life itself? Why do I question this light that returned into my life? The light that has always been there, but now shines brighter than ever. The light that flickered through the rough times, but still stayed lit. The light that helped me through the darkness. The light that never abandoned me.


Is that the sound of footsteps, I hear? Indeed! Indeed! She is coming back to me! If your eyes could see what I see now. Her light guided me, and now She is here with me. She is looking me in the eyes, not daring to look away. She knows it has been too long. Her arms reach out and She smiles. I embrace Her with every ounce of my being and we are locked together. The darkness is now full of stars. Not one or two, but many. We do not dare leave this lock, for we have not seen each other in too long. I am okay with this because my love for Her exceeds all boundaries. Even the Angels above smile down on us. One Angel has since passed, while the other lives amongst us. Angels, indeed they are. They smile because they too know of this love. The love that is too good to be real. They smile because they know that when we are locked together, it is not possible for us to be ripped apart. I may be in a dark void, but Her light will always be with me, and I will always be with her.


Until you came into my world, there was nothing but darkness and gloom

My world was missing the clouds and the sun, and also the stars and the moon

I never believed in magic, but you just appeared from thin air

I thought I would only be lonely in life, but now I’m a complete a pair

You make me who I am at this point, mold me in every way

There’s not a precious moment, where I do not want to give you my entire day

The passion between us is strong, ferocious to those that see

The feelings that are shared between us. Me for you and you for me


My love, my light, my heart. Nothing except for us and the stars above.